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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 14, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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will let you finish. beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. it's like a wrestling match and horrifying moment gets worse. we will show you. the slogan this hour comes from brian in new york city. he says "fox & friends," the show that pays me every week. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: definitely a for efforts. good morning, everyone. i hope had you a fantastic weekend. brian: there was no slogan. gretchen: to your credit, there was nothing in the prompter. major developments though in that yale case of that student, that grad student, investigators discover a human body last night behind the wall in a lab on the university's campus. and they fear that it may be annie le. >> positively identified as of
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this time, however, assuming that it is her at this time. so we are treating it as a homicide investigation. gretchen: in a tragic twist, the evidence was discovered on the day she was set to be married in new york. surveillance video captures the 24-year-old entering the lab last tuesday, but she never left. so far, no suspects have been named. now, your other headlines, and we start with a fox news alert and a new warning from osama bin laden. the terrorist leader calling president obama powerpowerless o stop the war in iran and iraq. on a tape he blames the ongoing wars to close ties to israel. supposedly september 11th. not yet authenticated. he says he is done saying sorry. joe wilson says he won't apologize again for yelling "you lie" to president obama during his health care speech wednesday night. he called the president to apologize and the president accepted that apology. some democrats want to hear an
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apology on the house floor. >> i am not going to apologize again. i apologized to the president on wednesday night. i was advised then that, thank you, now let's get on to a civil discussion of the issues. but i have apologized one time. the apology was accepted by the president. by the vice president, who i know. i have not -- i am not apologizing again. >> congressman wilson is locked in a tight seat to keep his seat. china accusing the u.s. protectionism and slapping u.s. imports of chicken and auto products. this after president obama announced he would impose stiff tariffs on chinese imports. leaders also pushed for the tariff saying tires from china are costing american jobs. remember the iraqi journalist who hurled the shoe at former president bush?
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that shoo is plural. he is being released already tomorrow. after nine months behind bars. is he getting out apparent because of good behavior. apparently he didn't shoe toss in prison. he was supposed to be released today. his family is planning a big celebration hanging balloons and pictures of him on the walls of heir home. singing sensation susan boyle releasing her first album. here is her pick for her first single ♪ wild horses ♪ going to take me away. brian: is that her video? gretchen: i'm not sure. that's an incredible voice. her album will be released in november. i believe simon cowell would love that rendition. one of those deals sounds nothing like the original. he always applause on the "american idol" stage.
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brian: thanks to our producing staff we gave her a great foundation for her video. we did that ourselves. steve: mick jagger email us and tell us what you think of that. the headline says nut case, sting, acorn in brooklyn brothel loan talk. wait a minute, brooklyn brothel. there is a new video you will see exclusive exclusively here on "fox & friends" at 8:00. those crazy guys at acorn once again telling people who are posing as pimps and hookers how to evade taxes. brian: look at that picture. it's like a bad halloween costume and they bought it in baltimore. they bought it in d.c. now they bought it in brooklyn. steve: he is wearing a fedora. sunglasses and a coat. brian: have you got to wonder how many real pimps and hookers have come in. one of which says they walk in and they say i want to get a
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mortgage. you can't say on the application you are a prostitute. say you are a consultant. say you are a freelancer from now on. gretchen: in case you have not seen this outrageous video that was released last week, remember there is a new video today about the brooklyn, new york office actually to have here on the show. here is a snippet from before. >> lady of the night and this is where i get my income. they don't got to know where your money is coming. all they want to know is accountability if you have bank account or money to the bank. >> i can be the one the house and she is perform tricks in the house. steve: we have got the filmmaker going to be with us on our program. the key though is now apparently acorn, which, by the way, we should point out did fire a couple of employees. brian: four, in total. steve: two from d.c., two from baltimore. i'm sure they will fire the people on the brooklyn tape that you will see at 8:00 on the show. now acorn saying, you know what? fox news broke the law in
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running that and they plan to sue us. brian: and sue them. they say what these two did was illegal. they also said they are firing their employees, so they know that their employees aren't good. they are also saying that these guys, what this o'keefe did and anna did, o'keefe will be joining us shortly he went to rutgers a philosophy major. they said that was illegal. some the quotes you are going to hear. honesty is not going to get you a house. you can't tell them what you do for a living. i can't tell you to stop doing this because you're not going to listen. gretchen: to me the bottom library in this whole story is why do the average person sitting out there watching this show this morning care? why should you care? this is your taxpayer dollars going to this organization called acorn. if you remember, before the election, there was so much talk about how they were allegedly involved in voter fraud. signing up people that didn't exist. even as ridiculous as mickey
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mouse to cast a ballot for the united states president. brian: paul newman died and he was registered to vote. gretchen: now we have this kind of stuff. you have got to wonder how many places this documentarian went into. so far baltimore, d.c., now today we are going tox pose for you new york. where else will we have video from and how deep does this problem go? steve: san diego, los angeles, miami, and philly among the other places. and with our tax dollars, now what they are going to do is use our tax dollars to sue fox news. great. now, note to acorn though, you can't have it both ways. you can't fire employees and then say that they were defamed. you know what i mean? gretchen: somebody in the administration though finally got the whole story because they decided to not have the census involved anymore with acorn. which was the step in the right direction. you have to wonder how many more of these videos will have to be released before the administration will come out and say that they are going to
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launch a federal investigation into acorn. brian: by the way, just to quote what about bob, those are baby steps. gretchen: your favorite movie by the way. brian: good movie. good to see bill murray. last time he was funny. steve: i want to hear the president of the united states. not weighing in on that movie because i'm sure it was funny too. i want to hear what the president of the united states say what people did at acorn was wrong. broonchts. brian: he was their lawyer. let's talk about 34 czars in the administration. having a czar in the administration is not new. other administrations have had it. 32 has many people scratching heir heads, wait a second, who are these people, how did they get here? kay bailey hutchinson, the senator from texas who wants to be the governor there is joining us live. she writes an editorial there. gretchen: a lot of people are saying about time. last week we had on a republican congressman who has been calling for all of these czars and having them come to testify before congress as a secretary
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of any department would have to do so that you find out things like about van jones signing that truther statement about 9/11. well, she is saying, look, i'm the senior republican on the senate committee on commerce, science, and transportation. and i could have as many as 10 to 32 of these czars affecting the work that i do on a daily basis but i can't call any of them in before me to ask any questions because i don't really know exactly what they are doing. and that, to me, presents a huge problem in government. and i applaud kay bailey hutchinson for writing this article today and bringing forward some questions about these czars. maybe other republicans and other democrats will now follow suits as well. steve: the problem with the czars nobody knows exactly what they do. how much power do they really have in the administration? who do they report to? do they report directly to the president? do they report to one of the advisors? it's so murky, there is so much gray there, that's why she is saying look, the framers of the constitution are very clear.
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if the president had some advisors he wants to work for him. have them come up to the senate and see if he they're qualified. that does not happen with the czars. kay bailey hutchinson will be joining us on "fox & friends" little later in the morning. brian: aftermath after the hour. the vma's were on last night. every year from when howard stern came out, exposed his butt to the famous brittany spears, madonna kiss, people talk about the news and craziness that goes on in the vma's. did anything crazy happen this time? gretchen: i'm so glad i didn't watch. actually. i was too involved in that tennis match. but kanye west apparently had a little too much to drink, which is a note to all parents watching with their kids as he was -- i guess, holding, he was holding a bottle of booze on the red carpet. steve: on the red carpeting he was drinkingly directly at the
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bottle. when taylor swift was handed the moon man for the best female video. she gave her little speech. and then kanye decided it was time to make a surprise appearance on stage with her. watch. >> i have never actually thought it would have happened. i sing country music so thank you so much for giving me a chance to win a vma award. [cheers and applause] >> taylor, i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. one of the best videos of all time. steve: he is a dope. brian: no kidding. drunk. apologized on his twitter page. is that good enough? by the time he handed back to taylor swift, she had no time left. she was stunned. gretchen: her mike was cut. steve: because they were going to video with eminem.
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so, according to the rolling stone report, this morning, apparently she was seen shortly thereafter -- he was thrown out. she was seen back stage crying his takerly. gretchen: of course. steve: then what happened had when that woman right there beyonce actually won another award. she did something very gracious. watch this. >> i remember being 17 years old, up for my first mtv award with essence child it was one of the most exciting moments in my life. so i would like for taylor to come out and have her moment. [cheers and applause] steve: that's how do you it. gretchen: incredibly classy for her to do that kanye west could few lessons from bon day say. brian: this is why i quit band in 8th grade i didn't want these moments. steve: this was not the very first time kanye recently has had an outburst. watch this. does this seem familiar?
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>> the reforms i am proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> i'm going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. [boos] >> not true. steve: somebody slap that together and put it on line? i didn't know where that was going. gretchen: very funny. i hope we play that again. gretchen: coming up on our show this morning, three more hours of packed fun and news according to president obama is health care reform isn't passed. 65% of all americans will lose their health insurance over the next decade. why is the president using scare tactics? our political panel weighs in next. steve: talk about a wrong turn. we will tell you why the steer took a convenience store. it's a real cow call. [rocking in the u.s.a. ( folk music playing )
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>> today we received more disturbing news. a new report from the treasury department found that nearly half of all americans under 6 a will lose their health coverage at some point over the next 10 years. [boos] >> think about that. gretchen: that was president obama at a health care rally in minneapolis this weekend. is the president use pg the same scare tactics now that he was aaccused the republicans. joining me now angela mcgowan. dan gilgoff and michelle will kerr director of. first -- three days before on wednesday night when the
6:18 am
president said basically the same thing about republicans saying how dare you scare the american people with some the things have you been saying. >> right. gretchen: that was pretty scary too. >> it is scarey. one of the major stumbling blocks for this president on health reforms. even though 40 or 450 americans lack health insurance. large majority of americans have health insurance. they are happy with it this new study that says half of the americans lose heir health insurance at some point is a point by the president to say you have a personal stake in this. is it a scare tactic? sure. but it's a pretty scary report, too. >> happy birthday mom. today is my mother's birthday. i have to do that happy birthday mom. second of all, look at that number of 50 million. some of those are undocumented workers. have some of those are young people who are entrepreneurs who don't think they need health care insurance. and then there is a number uninsured. with the last stimulus package that passed, people lost jobs. even obama's own department of
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labor said 1.5 million jobs have been lost since the passage of the stimulus package. so, if you lose your job, you are gonna lose health care insurance. my main point is, gretchen, if we keep with this spending, where are we going to get the money from and more people will lose jobs and more people will lose health care. gretchen: i want to get to the heart of the matter the politics being played here, which is is he doing what he accused the republicans of doing in scaring people. >> as dan said, those are really pretty scary numbers already. we are going to pay for this whether we are paying in taxes or paying in lost productivity in bankruptcies from people who lose everything they have got because they don't have a way to cover health care from children whose development is hurt because they have poor health care growing up. we'll pay one way or the other. can you argue how best to do it, but the fact is we need all americans to have health care. >> gretchen, he is playing politics.
6:20 am
sometimes it's good for the democrats or the republicans. at the end of the day health care reforms in the state of mississippi. people want health care reform. they are tired of the fighting. they want something done. we need reform, i don't mind paying for it. it needs to be the right type of reform. people don't understand what the president is offering. >> you really need to figure out how to do. gretchen: hold the thought because you guys are going to stick around luckily and we will weigh in with another topic with the panel. thousands of americans concerned about big government and health care reform gather in washington, d.c. where was the media look at all of those people. why is the left down playing their concerns again? then, one year since lehman collapsed. did letting them fail and bailing out other banks help or hurt our economy? we will break it down. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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gretchen: tens of thousands gathered in washington, d.c. this weekend to take a stand against government spending and health care reform. did the mainstream media largely ignore the march? look at all those people there we are back with our panel. and what i want to know is, angela, you were there personally. >> yes. i was there. i spoke at freedom plaza and i spoke before the capitol. i spoke at 9:30. and then i spoke again at 10:50. i know there was about 400,000 people then. and then i had to leave. it was amazing. gretchen, you had people, black, white, hispanic, reverend, doctors, people from all socioeconomic background together. that's what our constitution stands for. our forefathers want us to state our grievances to elected officials. they felt tired because they felt like they were being ignored. look at that isn't that amazing? >> here is my question to you a couple months ago when town hall meetings started happening and tea parties started happening. let's face it the obama
6:25 am
administration and people on the left basically said this was not mainstream member. this was a fringe element. do you think now that there has to be some sort of acknowledgment or has there been that this real solid a concerted effort by millions of people? half of america don't agree with health care reform right now. >> i think a lot of americans are concerned with how it is going to happen. a lot of measures are concerned about their own health care if they are going to go bankrupt how they are going to manage everybody from all sides of the issue cares about how the issue is resolved. we need to be focusing on that instead of calling people liars and showing scary, offensive signs. that is where we need to be focusing. gretchen: doing their best are they not? this is not doing their best i mean that the that not in a good way, yelling out you lie but also invoking scare tactics on the other side. even of my minister yesterday at church was saying, look, the country is divided. but, let's find a way to do this in a timely manner and no not so
6:26 am
incredibly heated. >> it's going to be hard. didn't give it as much attention as it perhaps deserved. i think theed me is taking it's conservative grass roots movement seriously. in may and then in august with all of those people showing up. the democrats were terrified first undeniable with some people speaking out health care town halls. so now you have this. the country is actually becoming a little bit more polarized over the issue. the common ground is more difficult to find. the republican party is -- >> the republican party has offered four proposals that nancy pelosi will not put on the floor. let's get that record straight. as for the signs. that's our freedom of speech. what i don't respect is -- as for signs, some the signs are ok. but there are some that have
6:27 am
racial images. it's not productive. >> you cannot censor people if we have freedom of speech. that's all i can say on that. gretchen: i don't think those signs help to acknowledge the basic argument because then it gives the other people the opportunity to say that it's a fringe element. >> these are measure people who are -- american people suffering. some people had to people for other people to go there because they lost their jobs. i'm not going to bash them. they were stating their grievances and that's our country. gretchen: thank you for getting up early on a monday morning. pentagon giving prisoners challenge conviction and get a military sphefers officer to represent their case. employees get a wrong turn when the steer steer into their store. the whole thing caught on camera. happy birthday besides your mom, angela. tyler perry. the actor and writer of the
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for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. steve: all right. it is 28 minutes before the top of the hour. we start with a fox news alert this hour. iran apparently ready to talk. iranian television reporting the
6:32 am
talks between iran and six world powers will take place early next month. so far no word on the location. last week iran indicated it would be willing to discuss global nuclear disarmament but has refused to talk about its own nuclear program. united states has made it clear that it will bring up iran's nuclear program at the talks. that should be good. brian: the pentagon new rights to detainees in afghanistan. it's part of president obama's reversal of bush era policy. being held at bagram air base will be able to get an official to represent their case. first time they will be able to call witnesses and submit evidence in their defense. meantime, thanks to a self-imposed deadline president obama has three days left to either transfer a group of ten gitmo prisoners or ask a military court for delay.
6:33 am
gretchen? gretchen: the swine flu vaccine ready sooner than expected. shots could start the first week of october. we were told they wouldn't be ready until the middle of the month. now health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says the early doses are for health care workers and other high priority groups. brian? brian: wells fargo says it's launching an investigation after reports one of its senior executives was living it up in a malibu home. accused of spending weekends at the beachfront property throwing lavish parties. wells fargo had the home since may and policy prohibits use of the property by the bank. steve: the steer cattle run in washington state. instead, they took a detour into a convenience store. giddy up. surveillance cameras caught everything, including the cowboy and horse that rode in
6:34 am
afterwards to herd the stare out. cowboys were parading the animals down main street before a local fair. nobody was hurt. what a picture. meanwhile, let's take a look what's going on in the weather. and if you you are watching on television right now, can you see that we have got a lot of blue in the middle part of the country. widely scattered thunderstorms moving through the central mississippi and missouri valley at this hour. also some thunderstorms move along the gulf coast. little brain through the panhandleful florida as well. current temperatures as you can see them, 40's right now up in portions of new england. otherwise, 60's and 70's across the eastern half of the united states. 50's out west. 72 in memphis, tennessee. today's daytime highs on this monday, once again 60's in portions of new england, it's going to feel like the season. we are going to have 80's across much of the map. all the way from the northern plains right to the big northeastern corridor cities. through the mid-atlantic and
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back through as you can see right there gulf coast states. 70's across the central plains. 96 in brownsville. 100 in phoenix, arizona. that's your fox travelcast. off we go to mr. sports. brian: so exciting to see nfl football back in action. start sunday night game you probably slept through it packers and bears in lamb bow field. jake demanded a strayed from the broncos. rival packers would spoil his home homecoming. touchdown. packers a would take the lead for good too. next pass picked off. green bay wins 21 -- you will see it 15. after cincy took the 7-6 lead. kyle, the exbear with just seconds left a bengal deflects it right into the hands of brandon stokely who takes it in for the winning score. that's really good. let's talk tennis. u.s. open, remarkable comeback
6:36 am
for clijsters. she became the first mom to win grand slam tournament since 1980. belgium second u.s. open title. she defeated serena williams to advance in the title. now word that that tirade that serena put out there that ended match comes with a cost. she has been fined $10,000 and $5,000 for raskt abuse for abusing verbally abusing tennis officials after promising an investigation result in a bigger fine. she threatens to shove a tennis ball down a line woman's throat. i believe that's something she should not have said after she called her for a foot fault in the semi full-times. we want you to weigh. in serena deserves the consequences if yes text friends 1 at 362 8. gretchen: that's no. brian: if no text friends 1 to 362 8 and yes friends 2 to 362 8. update you later on with the
6:37 am
results. gretchen: twitter me or email us and let us know whether or not you think she should be suspended? steve: absolutely. gretchen: ridiculous display of inappropriate behavior. all of us being parents, how the heck do you teach your children sportsmanship when you see that kind of antic. it is not just tennis. that was amazingly immature juvenile display. it really upset me because i herald both of those girls for what they have accomplished in life. brian: we almost expected the outburst we haven't seen it for years. steve: john if jimmie conyers or john macenroe ever threatened to stick a bawling down somebody's giz sadr. brian: guess who blew in. steve: him is charles payne. we are going to talk to him about money. barack obama was on 60 minutes last night. brian: hard-hitting interview.
6:38 am
steve: it was really tough, wasn't it? no, not really. brian: do you want a pillow? steve: would you like a pillow. the saturday night parody. here was barack obama on 60 minutes talking about how the g.o.p. wants to kill any health care reform this year. >> i think right now you have got just a political environment where there are those in the republican party who think the best thing to do is just to kill the reform. that will be good politics. brian: but the problem is, i mean, there are sure there are people in the republican party that say kill it the problem is you are not engaged with the republican party. everyone knows this and our viewers know it. it's the democratic party giving him the most trouble. the house bill is essentially dead. john cornyn said on "fox news sunday" 0% of the bill i agree with let's pass the 0 not the 20.
6:39 am
steve: republicans who say let's kill it, it's not because of president obama and trying to destroy him say they don't like the plan. saying it will bankrupt the country. gretchen: one thing the president knows though he has pretty much put his entire infancy on his presidency on health care. he admitted last night during this interview that, you know, if this thing doesn't work or if it does, no matter what, i own it. brian: you know what? gretchen: i think we are going to listen to that. brian: do you want to hear that now? steve: do you have the button? >> i have no interest in having a bill get passed that fails, that doesn't work. you know, i intend to be president for a while and once this bill passes, i own it if people look and say, you know what, this hasn't reduced my costs, my premiums are still going up 25%, insurance companies are still jerking me around, i'm the one who is going to be held responsible. so, i have every incentive to get this right.
6:40 am
gretchen: the interesting thing is, remember during wednesday he extended the olive branch to the republicans and said yeah, i acknowledge medical malpractice and that's costing tons and tons of gazillions of dollars. yeah, come to my office and discuss that then last night he said yeah, i acknowledge that but i'm not willing to put caps on medical malpractice suits so really how much of a give and take is there on that particular topic. brian: he says it doesn't work. 20 minutes before the top of the hour, president obama coming to washington to give a speech on the economy. exactly one year after the lehman brothers investment bank collapsed triggering a worldwide financial crisis or maybe doing something he shouldn't have done or president bush actually it was under his administration. joining us now to talk about the impact is fox business network charles payne. charles, are you -- here we are a year later, lehman was allowed to collapse. are we better off because of it? >> i think so. i mean, i don't think -- listen,
6:41 am
the big debate is whether or not it save these banks. i think failed businesses should be allowed to fail, period. the idea that they are too big to fail is preposterous on n. a sense all the banks have became -- big wall street banks are now bigger. now what happens during the next crisis? we have to shovel out money again in more money. gretchen: some people are predicting this morning that there is going to be another crisis. these banks now that were allowed to survive are going to become bigger. they are taking more risks now the only difference is with our money. they are predicting that there could be another huge failure, how do you feel about that? >> i think there is a serious double dip recession. i am not too worried about risks per se. risk is part of capitalism. let them take risk but let them pay the consequences if they fail. that's what we do. we all take risk particularly when you get involved in the stock market. they do things more elaborately. everybody is taking these bows. the president is going to be downtown today taking a bow.
6:42 am
how you can take a bough when there is 9% unemployment. corporations are sitting on more cash than ever before. consumer credit down 10 out of the last 12 months. consumer credit was down 21 billion in the last month that reflects a little bit of lack of demand, also incredibly stringent rules. consumers can't get credit. that's what this was supposedly all about. somehow we could have given this straight to taxpayers. a nobel prize -- a white house advisor as well. he is saying that the problems are worse now than they were in 2007 before the trouble. >> right. his thing is based on the fact that the size of these banks. if they do fail to my point. see, here is the problem though. this is where i differ with him. he wants to regulate the heck out of these businesses. they have to be competitive. and that's, again, i know it's high risk stuff, but they have to be competitive. yes, they also have to pay the penalty if they fail and it
6:43 am
shouldn't be our money anymore. steve: thank you for joining us live. gretchen: the aclu suing a town on behalf of a sex offender who says he has the right to decide where he lives. really? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. brian: could government led health care unionizing the hidden industry. the strings being pulled inside the proposal coming into the house. we all have confidence
6:44 am
and we all have doubt. but when the moment comes... what's going to win? here's to confidence. gillette helps you look, feel, be your best. gillette. the best a man can get.
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brian: g.m.'s money back guarantee program starts today. in a bid to boost sales, of course. it's called may the best car win program. drivers have two months after buying their car to bring it back for a full refund if they are not satisfied. steve: u.s. airlines will have a
6:47 am
lot fewer flights this fall. similar to the schedule in the months after september the 11th. most big airlines depend on business passengers who pay the highest fares but that business has decreased. so airlines are reducing flights or using smaller airplanes to carry passengers. that also means more crowded flights and more stopovers as you can see right there in that video. meanwhile, most cities regulate where sex offenders can live trying to keep them away from schools and parks and places where kids can be. a judge in vermont has reversed that for his town and could give more rights to sex offenders everywhere. joining us right now our fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and jennifer smithers a defense attorney. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: jennifer, there is this town up in vermont that has said, ok, this guy has served his time. >> um-huh. steve: so now, if he wants to move into a house that is within a certain distance of a school or a park, it's ok because a
6:48 am
town cannot tell you whether or not you can live in a place even if you are a sex offender. >> the judge had an issue with it. as did the gentleman, who served his time. this gentleman got out of serving time for being a sex offender eight years ago. he found that if he moved back into the community he would be in violation of a local ordinance. steve: because it was pretty close to a school. >> exactly. so what happened here, the battle ensued and this gentleman with the help of the aclu, actually won his rights to be able to live in that town with his family. steve: he gets to live within this metric of a school. arthur, you have got a problem with that? >> ok. let's be a lawyer for a second. legally speaking, the judge may be correct to say that the local town legislature doesn't have that power. only the state has that power to regulate where people can live or where they can't live. with that being said, that needs to be changed. because our government is structured so that the local
6:49 am
authorities should have the power to do the will of the local people. and if the local people don't want people convicted of certain crimes. you see, the little problem i have 20-year-old and a 15-year-old. i want to target pedophiles who can't be fixed. steve: what i want to know though is this going to impact all of us? >> it will absolutely impact. you have towns that say i'm sorry, i disagree with what the judicial system said. this man served his time. do we want our community protected? yes. do we want sex offenders living anywhere and everywhere? steve: no. >> they do have to register sex registry up to local government to keep track of them. steve: arthur, 16 second rebuttal. >> the lord not lead us into temptation and deliver us from evil. keep pedophiles who have an issue that can't be fixed away from our children. that simple. we have got to keep them pa way from the kids. >> england tried that they're
6:50 am
everywhere. use the local government to keep them in check. steve: is this going to impact us nationwide. >> not if bill o'reilly has anything to say about it. bill will be out there pounding the drums and the judge also run for the hills. steve: email about this. what do you think? windfalls for unions. all part of the health care debate. not getting enough attention. a closer look at why it could have devastating consequences for all americans straight ahead. achoo!
6:51 am
(announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo!
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6:53 am
brian: glad you are up. it's monday. will president obama's plan lead to more unionization of the health care industry?
6:54 am
the national right to work committee. mark joins us from d.c. you don't just say yes. you point exactly to the thousand page bill coming out of the house. bring us to the first one which you say is hr 3200 section 154. it talks about the penalties on non-unionized companies that provide health care. >> that's right. under the plan, brian, in the bills that we see, there is a provision that says you must comply with the public option and have certain conditions in your insurance program. however, companies that have unions, that bargain over health care, are exempt from that coverage. so we see this as a tremendous organizing tool for organized labor. if they can go to an employer and say look, if you don't unionize your employees you may have to pay up to $20,000 for employee for deficiency program. can i take care of that for you saying if you turn your employees over to me and unionize them. i can get you out of the penalties and we can negotiate a health care plan that may be less than what the government
6:55 am
says you have to provide. brian: gives you leverage you didn't have prior to this bill. another area that you see is section 164. for you the headline is the 10 billion-dollar bailout for unionized providers. what do you mean by a bailout. >> a provision in the bill would provide $10 billion in a re-insurance program that would go to health care plans that are currently insolvent. most of these health care plans that we are talking about are unionized health insurance plans like the voluntary employee bargaining associations that came out of chrysler and g.m. this is direct bailout of those plans in order for their support for this bill. it's just outrageous. brian: where does job training come in. you found a section that could also help unions section 358 if you are fog us at home. >> that's right. in that particular section what is it says is is the secretary of health and numerous services will devise this job trach program that will basically have to be run in conjunction with
6:56 am
labor organizations. we have seen this in the construction business where federal money, government money is funneled into training programs and it has to go to union-only apprenticeship program. the only way you can have this trach is go to go to this union plan. brian: mark, best hope for people like you who fear that unions are grow way too big is that if the house bill take as beating when it goes to the senate and conference. >> i think senatorrerthat's rig. we're not sure what forced unionism has to boo with health care reform. they ought to leave the specialized labor out. brian: thank you mark nix. the trigger option. is it a public option in different clothing? former surgeon and heart surgeon is here live. he never -- rod blagojevich accused of trying to sell his senate seat. is he answering those allegations in a brand new book
6:57 am
he wrote about him. is he trying to sway a jury? we will ask him that in ten minutes and then have a few other questions. the nutrition td to keep their bodies strong. ( bell rings ) a nutritious start to the day is essential. that's why carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies all the nutrients of a complete breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. switch to nationwide auto insurance, and you can save up to $43 every month. we'll look at every detail and help you get the right coverage at the right price. our first priority is looking out for you. our second is looking out for your wallet. i am kerry mullin, and i am on your side. switch to nationwide insurance now. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide.
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7:00 am
new tone correcting spf 30. gretchen: very good monday morning to you, september 14, 2009. thank you for sharing your time today. we start with a fox news alert. there has been a grim discovery in the case of the missing yale student. a body has been found on the same day annie ley was supposed to get married. is it annie? the latest developments coming up in a live report. steve: meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people marching in washington to take a stand against government health care reform and the high cost of government. why did the media largely ig -- ignore this again and why is the white house saying that these people do not represent mainstream american views? that's going to get you going? brian: new video just released of acorn workers accused of behaving badly. i will watch it the first time with you. you will see the video first on
7:01 am
"fox & friends." by the way, the "fox & friends" we're going to go with this slogan, the best morning show on television. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: we have got jam-packed two hours for you. we are going to show you some exclusive video from the latest stuff from acorn that's splashed all over the front page of the new york papers today. we have got it for new two minutes. gretchen: yep. we do. in the meantime though we have breaking news to tell you about this morning regarding that yale student. investigators in connecticut have discovered now a human body behind the wall of a lab on yale university's campus and they fear it may be missing grad student annie l.a. the evidence uncovered on the day the 24-year-old was supposed to be married. rick leventhal is live for us in new haven connecticut. good morning, rick. >> this case moved from a missing person's case to a homicide investigation late yesterday afternoon. autopsy still must be performed
7:02 am
to cob firm that this is the body of the 24-year-old yale grad student. police are fairly certain that it is. we were outside the building all day yesterday and watched investigators from the connecticut state police major quad move in and out of the building through a back entrance where the basement is located. some of those canine officers with police dogs and shortly after 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon they did, in fact, locate a body inside a wall in a basement of that building. here is more from the connecticut state -- from the new haven police have last night's press conference. >> detectives and investigators right now have a large amount of physical evidence at the scene that we are going through to determine if it is linked to this case or not. we are not releasing any information at this time because we have an ongoing homicide case so we can't tell you what we have, whether we found anything or what it is. >> once this case moved from a missing person's case to a homicide. the new haven police department became the lead investigators.
7:03 am
there is not a lot they can say at this point. we can tell you. this yesterday we're reporting that we had confirmed that police had found bloody clothing inside the basement of that building. well, we had heard that the clothes might not belong to annie lay because they didn't match what she was wearing when she entered. now some are speculating perhaps those clothes belong to her killer. we can also tell you this is a tightly controlled building. it's now a crime scene. before that you had to have a special i.d. to get in and out of that building. so police are fairly certain they know who was inside at the time she disappeared. so they could be narrowing their focus very quickly, gretchen. gretchen: thank you very much for the grim details. rick leventhal we will check back in with you for the updates. new warning from osama bin laden. the terrorist leader calling president obama powerless to stop the wars in afghanistan and iraq. on the 11-minute tape bin laden blamtion blames the ongoing wars to ties to israel. released two days after
7:04 am
september 11th. it has not been yet authenticated. 50 taliban fighters killed. three troops were killed in ambush. violence has been steadily rising in afghanistan. august was the deadliest month for foreign troops there with 77 service members killed. 51 of them americans. van jones already back in politics? well, the green party hopes so. they have invited the former green jobs czar to join their ranks and run for office, possibly as a candidate for president. van jones resigned from his job at the white house after a series of shocking comments he made that came to light, including blaming the white people for polluting minority communities. signing that petition that 9/11 was inside job. several media outlets including the "new york times" nitted they made a mistake by not covering this story until after he resigned. senator clair mccaskill facing questions about weather she would cut billions of dollars to
7:05 am
medicare without cutting service to seniors. here is what she told chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> i don't know how many ads you have seen on scooters on cable tv. those are scooters paid for by the american people and a lot of them are going to folks who don't need scooters. it's one example of many examples where we are paying for services or things instead of outcomes. gretchen: president obama continues to believe there will be enough votes to pass a bill that will reduce cost and over the long term control the deficit. and those are your headlines. somebody standing over to the side here who might know a thing or two about health care reform. brian: and scooters and scooter abuse. steve: is there a doctor in the house? senator bill frist. how are you? >> nice to be with you this morning. steve: i know you were -- made a trip to new york city last night. were you able to watch the president of the united states on 60 minutes at all last night? >> i missed it but i youtubed a little bit later and got my
7:06 am
three minutes here and four minutes there. steve: what's interesting, among other things, he said things like joe wilson's outburst. and a lot of the stuff that's been going on turned a serious debate into a great big circus. clearly the president wants it his way. there are millions of people out there who are not sure about his way and might want it their way. >> that's the real issue. people feel frustrated with lack of voice. they want to be heard. there is going to be a lot of change. we need change in this country. health care is an issue that needs fixed. people want to be heard they don't want to be told what we're going to do. that's where the tea parties come from. that's where the outburst on the floor of the congress. that always occurs on some shape or form. justin listen to me. the mistake the president is as i understanding that sending signal my way is the right way. a little bit of voice i'm going to listen to you but not really listen to you. steve: my way or the highway. brian: here is the president of the united states with steve croft yesterday.
7:07 am
>> i think right now you have got just a political environment where there are those in the republican party who think the best thing to do is just to kill the reform. that will be good politics. brian: true? >> no. it is not true. right now if you take your typical united states senator on the finance committee republican or democrat they recognize their problem. it's how you fix those problems of cost and access, just a total different approach in the direction the president has gone. gretchen: one other thing he said during the interview dr. frist is the idea whether or not health care reforms is he going to own it no matter what. i guess he was putting himself out there basically his entire presidency has been hanging now on health care reform. >> it has been. and i fault him for not getting involved earlier. he is the cheerleader but at the end of the day and a very good cheerleader. at the end of the day it's going to be the united states senate representing the american people and the house of representatives who write a bill.
7:08 am
is he saying certain things in much of the rhetoric is very good. which i am behind much of it it's problem just the an tis sis or the opposite of what is in the house bill. the senate bill hasn't been written. the next two weeks is going to be critical. his rhetoric doesn't meet what's in the bill. >> brian you are asking me if i like the speech or the bill. totally different factors. the house bill he thinks is dead. but in the big picture i thought the republicans have a ship. it's no longer no. it is i agree with 0% of what is in the president was talking about. but it's the 20 we should forget about. >> we don't know what's there yet. house bill dead. partisan costs too much. everyone's insurance go up. that's dead. in the united states senate, there is still this element of bipartisanship that is there. it does not meet the ret ring of the president of the united states. how we address this public plan is ther there going to be a
7:09 am
trigger? those people that are watching right now are going to have a substance. steve: speaking of tea party on 9/12. tens of thousands. debate how many people actually showed up down in washington, d.c. the "new york times" did say that authorities were overwhelm why the magnitude of the number of people showed up. but, none the less, david axelrod was one one of the pictures. that's amazing. there are people streaming from the white house to capitol hill. david axelrod said yes that those people at those tea party do not represent mainstream views. listen to this. >> i don't think it's indicative of the nation's mood. in fact, i don't believe that so. age griest most strident voices we saw during the summer were representative of the thousands of town hall meetings that went on around the country. they don't represent a
7:10 am
mainstream view of this health care plan. my message to them is they are wrong. gretchen: may not be the mainstream media view because the mainstream media has discounted. >> if you come from tennessee or texas or georgia, or you come from ohio today, these town meetings and these tea parties, just listen to me is going on dramatically. the problem i see though is what happens in the next three or four weeks. president obama working with heafer reid who has my old job use the 50 vote flesh hold for reconciliation. if they say that it's going to be worse. they are saying republicans and centrist democrats. they will end up having to do it. steve: he will pass something. >> he said last nate i own this
7:11 am
thing. why does he have to use. >> he doesn't have 60 votes. gretchen: i'm talking about from a political point of view. wouldn't that be suicide? brian: democrats using it against you. >> it's still a great bill. it great bill out there. people are living because of that bill. my point is, i did not use reconciliation. i didn't use the 50 vote threshold because if you do that, you are saying you don't matter. i don't have to listen to you. we are doing it my way. steve: loophole. >> that's a problem because if you own something and cram it down people's throat and it really is national lived healthcare system. brian: term they are using a romet down your throat. they are saying that president obama last night is beginning to set up the reconciliation because he is saying the gap doesn't want to say anything. all the senate leaders are saying they can't help us.
7:12 am
therefore ever therefore, what do you want me to do america. >> that's the official washington reaction to what -- get in the video clip. these people don't really matter out there. it takes it to the floor of the united states senate. take it to the floor of the united states senate, you are just really cramming it down people's throats, there is going to be a big backlash to that. steve: look at this. new poll out. new poll shows people are split right down the middle. 48% or are for obama's plan and 48% against it if you were still in your job, what would that tell you? >> first of all the obama plan is not the senate or the house plan. the obama plan doesn't matter because that's not going to be what is law. that figures will be much, much worse. right out of the senate a fairly moderate bill will come out. it will be taken to the floor and people will try to attach things like the public plan.
7:13 am
brian: we're going to match your deductible and keep you for another block. is that possible? gretchen: coming up option is this just a public option in different clothing. bill frist sticks around to tackle that to come pick. steve: rod blagojevich is going to be here. he says the chicago corruption goes much further for him and into the white house. his story straight ahead. brian: undercover video of acorn workers from washington and baltimore telling people how to break a law in order to get a mortgage. it's happening again right here in new york. never seen this video? we will introduce it to you soon. how about 10kive minutes? stouffer's easy express is ready from the microwave in under 20 minutes, so you can make something that's good in so many ways. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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7:16 am
steve: all eyes on senator olympia snow that woman right there. because she may be the
7:17 am
democrats' only hope of a g.o.p. senate vote in favor of their health care plan. but not so fast for snow. >> president take the public option off the table because it's universally opposed by republicans in the senate and therefore, there is no way to pass the plan that includes a public option. gretchen: is the public option really dead in the water? what about the so-called trigger option compromise? we're back with bill frist doctor and author of upcoming book "a heart to serve." will you surprised bioolympia snow's comments that the public option is dead? >> people don't know what the public option is. is the public option is a federally run, nationally controlled health care plan that gets buying privileges because it's the power of the federal government and therefore undercuts everything else. that public option dead. the measure people have rejected it the blue dog democrats have rejected it we just heard olympia right in the middle in
7:18 am
terms of the united states senate saying it is dead. what will be there is what you implied a second ago is what we did again six years ago. we said what about if we mandate insurance for everybody but there is no private plan there? there is none there. it might be in some rural they just don't want to go there. what do you do? there you would trigger and you would say well a public plan that is not nationally controlled but more locally controlled or locally owned. these so-called coy opts would be the back up to them what's what's going to happen. steve: that's a problem. well secretary levy rit said that's the public plan in sheep's clothes. it could be on the other hand we werible to fashion ago public mr. back up that was worked very, very well. if you have the trigger and a lot of people will say the trigger levied to the it the
7:19 am
public awption option if testimony people who would determine it are are the people who want the public option. a year or two in they say that didn't work. >> who is paying for it at the end of the day? who is appointing the directors on it at the ended of day. finance it's appointed and paid by federal government. i don't whack what you it a co-opt or behalf it is it is go going to be a government -- let's go, negotiate this and that. at the end of the day it's people like olympia snow, the -- what key wall the good afternoon six. we don't know yet. they have not decided. so these next two weeks under max b.a. -- bachus. gretchen: thank you very much. none better than dr. bill frist
7:20 am
to be here this morning. we look forward to your book. a heart to serve. he has had his share of scandal. former illinois governor rod blagojevich. is that with john fund? there he is. he going to tell his story and why he sets buck doesn't stop mere. >> undercover video catches acorn in another shady scene in another state. now they take on an anchor and fox news all on your dime? how far does an investigation go in straight ahead. we're out here looking at bones just because they're inside you doesn't mean they're protected. oh, ladies. let's say you have osteoporosis. i do. you could be losing bone strength. can i get it back? (announcer) ask your doctor how to help treat osteoporosis with once-a-month actonel. actonel is clinically proven to help
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7:23 am
plip brian. brian: 5 cents how much the averages price of a gas.
7:24 am
calm down. $24 million how much tyler perry's movie taking in at the box office. finally 97. that's how old lee martin is. suspected to be the oldest bartender. most people think is he in his 60. he has to pull out his i.d. to prove he is not. gretchen: i like that, reverse carding. is he in his back. new book governor rod blagojevich is telling his side of the scandal. is he our guest this morning. good morning, governor. >> my side of the story. i was falsely accused. that wasn't me. that was him. brian: you want gas prices to go up? steve: wiretap can you clearly hear me clapping. gretchen: you would say you have erroneously be accused of a bunch of bad stuff going on in illinois. >> that would be true. i have been falsely accused. i glit my book my decision with the united states senate seat where i was accused to sell a senate seat for financial gain not only is that flat out a
7:25 am
mutilation of the truth. the truth is the day before i was arrested, i had directed my chief of staff to work on a political deal that was routine. we wanted to create jobs through public works and expand health care for 50,000 to 300,000 people. we wanted to expand taxes. in exchange for that i would appoint his daughter to lisa to the united states senate. notwithstanding my personal issues. brian: you didn't like her. the speaker her dad. the dad would let go of this bill that he was blocking. >> that's right. >> that's all you wanted. brian: listen to what this says. this is what patrick fitzgerald released. this you talking on a wiretap now. a blank valuable thing. talking about the senate seat. you don't just give that away for nothing. i know what you all think comes next. here is the great irony. i can't. >> what does? >> that same prosecutor who falsely accused things took snippets of those conversations
7:26 am
and went into court and protective order preventing me from talking about what's on those tapes or you the media. i have advocated that all the tapes be released show. in the proper context. no criminal wrongdoing. there was discussion about ideas ideas. brian: any money? >> absolutely not did i receive money. gretchen: why did your fellow politicians in the state the great state of illinois overwhelmingly decide to impeach you. >> you know how when a scandal like this hits have you been mutilated, sitting locked up in a cell. he mischaracterizes what he says. politicians are going to run that from that sort of thick and quickly move. i write in my book motivations by the democrats. to make lisa mat began still with my successor. >> united states of the america.
7:27 am
steve: legally. >> i will not acknowledge it because it isn't true that i have ever, ever said mr. y i would like a campaign contribution in exchange for something else. steve: how would you characterize what you did. >> we had a lot of conversations and discussions who should be right decision for the united states senate. we explored a bunch of ideas. some were good, some were bad. some were interesting like oprah winfrey. i landed on my first choice which was someone i didn't like it. was the best i could door for illinois. 500,000 jobs for people and a lot of health care for people and no taxes. when the whole story is out and you hear those whole conversations you will see that was this process. this story is upside down. gretchen: part of the story over the weekend one of your advisors christopher kelly committed suicide he was on the way to jail. how do you react to the news he is now dead and close tie to you? >> he was a close friend. i am mourning his loss. i feel sadness by his passing
7:28 am
and what happened to him. his wife is a wonderful person. he leaves behind three little girls. he took his life because he refused to cooperate with federal authorities who wanted him to lie about me. steve: he would have been called to testify against you? >> we were going to call him to testify on our behalf because i think he was going to tell the truth. the truth from his point of view was going to be helpful in my case and help vindicate me. brian: another quote. from the wiretap. we brian: you say in the book you could have named myself. >> not only could i i could have named my wife. crist in florida held the seat so he could run. i didn't do any of those things. drive a hard bargain to get the most people jobs and health care and no taxes. gretchen: do you want president obama to come and testify in your case or michelle obama. >> i think it's a real possibility.
7:29 am
neither one of them did anything wrong with regard to me. they can give context to some the people involved in the story since we both had mutual relationships. brian: true or false the president wanted valerie jarrett to sit in that seat. >> there are democrats who reported to be representing him came to us to appoint valerie jarrett. if i could have gotten jobs or health care and no taxes she would have been a perfect choice. steve: why did you write the book? why are you doing a publicity blitz is it to sway a jury. >> no. it's to get the truth out. because when you are an honest person and have you been maligned and falsely accused, every day i read things that are offensive to me. have you this real need and desire to tell everybody you meet you didn't do it. i want to get on the highest mountain top and tell you this t. isn't crew. this is an upside story. there is epic question here. at the end of my book i point out what i was doing with the senate seat and what i did the very day before directing my chief of staff, the very next
7:30 am
morning, they came and arrested me and stopped me from doing that someone is lying. it isn't me. and the one who is the accused is asking for all the tapes to be heard. hear them all. the accuser who is the one who won't let that happen. brian: anti-nixon defense. steve: rod blagojevich, governor, your trial is in june? >> yes, it is. gretchen: thanks for being here today. still on the show senator john mccain and lindsey graham live with us. they way in on whether more troops should be sent to afghanistan and whether or not it's a winnable war. brian: brand new video of new york acorn video teaching people how to break the law so they can cash in on tax dollars. newest corruption caught on camera. we will watch it together for the first time.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
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7:34 am
steve: new video this morning here on fox news showing acorn caught carrying out questionable schemes between allegations of voter fraud and workers caught on camera helping people cheat on their taxes. why is acorn still in business? and why has the federal government given acorn over $1.5 million in grants this year alone? brian: we're joined by wall street columnist john fund. john, make sense of what has been happening and what has been exposed. >> it's remarkable. acorn is an organization that has received tens of millions of dollars in federal funds. it has an enormous impact on the
7:35 am
subprime mortgage mess that basically helped owz our economic recession. they were pushing banks to lower loan standards. they create mayhem everywhere they go. voter fraud is only a part of it we saw investigations launched against them in 15 states. i don't understand why they haven't been shut down except, if you look in congress, where every time an amendment is introduced, saying please take away acorn's federal funds or put restrictions on them. it gets voted down both on the house and senate. the reason is. this acorn provides shock troops get out the vote people for a lot of these liberal politicians. their elections in part come because acorn helps them get out the vote. gretchen: now they may have teen more questions wise because right now we will engs pose to you new exclusive video. we had baltimore and d.c. and now we have an acorn office in brooklyn, new york. watch. >> when you buy the house with a backyard, you get a tin, if tom
7:36 am
jones is going to come and meet you and want money. you get a tin and you bury it in there and you put your money right in there and cover it. you tell a single soul and yourself. >> i get a tin and put the in a tin. >> a continue and future there. >> and cover it with grass and put grass over. steve: there you have got acorn employee who will probably be fired later on today, over in brooklyn advising how to get a loan to finance a brothel and also how to skirt finance taxes. brian: do you have the newspaper that shows what they already like? steve: it's over there we actually have james o'keefe the filmmaker with us in a little while. here is the thing. we ran this video last week, fox news did. and now acorn is threatening to sue fox news. of course use some of our tax money to finance their legal defense. but they say that that the filmmakers broke the law and so
7:37 am
did fox news. >> well, it's going to be tough for them to launch a lawsuit because they are firing at employees at every one of the offices where these tapes are filmed. how do you sue someone for defamation when you are admitting something went wrong by firing people. gretchen: fox news did not film this video. big, correct? >> james o'keefe, the filmmaker. gretchen: film maker and we got it from big government doft come. brian: young guys, hanna and james o'keefe. a philosophy major at rutgers. he went around and said i'm going to try to expose these people. it's almost comical if it wasn't so serious. >> they are telling employees we are bringing in 15 underaged el salvador girls to sell them into slavery. that was their story everywhere. they bought it and they want to he had them. brian: for tax purposes you have to start saying that you are a
7:38 am
freelancer. honesty is not going to get you a house. you can't say what you do for a living. i could tell what you to do but you won't listen how to hide your money. >> in everything that you have mentioned, acorn and honesty are light years apart. this organization is corrupt to the core. it is a bad seed. steve: now, john, if a lawsuit goes forward, and this bertha lewis has said that the videos were doctored and stuff like that. if a lawsuit does go forward there is a process known as discovery. fox news and whoever else is involved in the suit can ask for all sorts of documentation from acorn, which we have never seen before. >> we can learn a lot of things. for example, acorn concealed the fact it got $832,000 from the obama campaign in 2008 for get out the vote efforts. acorn maybe involved -- has been involved in voter fraud. they have been indicted in nevada over that there is an
7:39 am
awful lot of things in documents about acorn and the federal funds it gets that would come out in the lawsuit which i think there are threats of a lawsuit rather ring hollow. gretchen: here is the problem, john. if the mainstream media is not going to cover this story and if nobody on capitol hill is going to care enough about this to do something about it, then where does that leave all the taxpayers who continue to give their money to an organization like this? >> i think the next time an amendment barring acorn federal funds hits either the senate or floor if allowed people vote against that who will be scared and will vote for it here is the problem with the media i think the lame stream media on this subject has basically been quiet because acorn is very smart. acorn is run by a bunch of white people who use minority faces out front. and that protects them a lot. because people are very concerned of being concerned with racism. there is the acorn eight. eight acorn board members fired from the board last year because they demanded an audit of
7:40 am
acorn's books. they're minorities, too. they are saying acorn is a plantation system. marcel redd says it's a system where white people are explols black people for benefits. that's a greats story for conservatives and -- brian: right now on your headlines. right now we start with a fox news alert. iran will sit down for talks about its nuclear program with the united states in just a few weeks. that word coming just this morning. the initial meeting will be between iran and the european union's foreign minister. logistics still being worked out for october. this being the first meeting. so far, no word on when the u.s. and other members ever the six party nations will join the decision discussions. steve: meanwhile, president obamasheads to the heart of wall street today to push for an overhaul of the banking industry. his speech comes on the first anniversary of the collapse of layman brothers.
7:41 am
in the speech, the president will reportedly call for tougher regulations, including the registration of hedge funds and giving more power to the federal reserve. gretchen: now what you ask? that's what car dealers are asking now that the cash for clunkers program is over and sales once again are coming to a screeching halt. that told everyone that was going to happen. 690,000 people traded in old wheels for new set of wheels. the program also took potential buyers iewft the market. $1.2 billion in reimbursement. about 40% of what dealers are owed. brian: check out this amazing shot from roger federer. he hits it. djokovic. to advance to the final. roger goes for sixth straight u.s. open title. it is not nadal, the man who could probably have beaten him. we will see what happens. steve: look at that that's
7:42 am
amazing. brian: he must be practicing a lot. steve: he got it in. gretchen: is health care dead in the water? steve: public humiliation or jail time? that's what one judge is offering crooks to get caught shoplifting. one guy here to tell us if his bright green t-shirt punishment is working. so, what's the prob? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service.
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7:45 am
steve: welcome back. it is the 14th day of september. and you are watching "fox & friends." they did the crime and now they will do the time but not what you are thinking. to curb crime and provide a form of public punishment, an ohio
7:46 am
judge is making convicted shoplifters wear these bright knee on shirts that say "i'm a thief." while performing community service. the judge behind the idea jeff robinson joins us live right now from cleveland. good morning to you, judge. >> good morning. steve: well, i understand that you got this idea from another judge in another county. when you are in the courtroom and you tell us a shoplifter, ok, you have got community service and you are going to have to wear and if you would, hold up the shirt. you have got to wear this shirt. what do they say? >> well. >> typically, i hope you can see it. steve: we can see it? >> typically, they aren't too happy. at first i get a reaction sometimes they giggle a little bit. they may chuckle until it sinks in that they are going to be seen by friends, family, neighbors and everyone is going
7:47 am
to know exactly what it is that they did. when the reality sets in, we have had people try to bargain to do something else. i have had people request to go to jail rather than wear the shirts. steve: yeah. why this and not jail, judge? >> well, for a number of reasons. first, jail is very costly. it doesn't always have the desired effect. two days in jail, three days in jail is maybe not enough to prevent this individual from committing the crime genel. we have a small community i'm a judge in a jurisdiction with 20,000 people. when you are wearing this kind of shirt in the public and performing community service, you are going to be seen by your friends. you are going to be seen by family members. you are going to be seen by school teachers. it has a much better effect on the individual, at least i believe it does, than sending them to jail for three days where they are going to be in with other people who have committed similar crimes.
7:48 am
steve: sure, when you are in jail your friends and foam don't see you because you have dropped out of site for a cup couple of days. but if you are outer on the street corner. hey, that is bill nelson that my mill quation is hard to imagine. >> for some people. we don't use it in every kay. some people might be proud of the fact that they are wearing this. you know, we have some individuals in our society, unfortunately, are like that. so, you want to make the punishment fit the crime. you also want to make the punishment have an effect on the defendant where they are not going to be back doing this again. that's the whole purpose. >> all right. >> if the public, in fact, sees this and it affects -- it's kind of a bonus. steve: all right. interesting concept, judge jeff robinson. we thank you for joining us today from cleveland. >> my pleasure. steve: all right. what do you think about that? email us right now at
7:49 am meanwhile, they are reaching out to the american people today at a town hall in south carolina. senators john mccain and lindsey graham are here, as you can see right there. sitting in director's seats. we will talk to them live in just a moment to talk about health care. the word i -- the war in afghanistan and so much more. guys, you are next. first on this day in history in 1814 francis scott key was inspired to write the lyrics to the star spangled banner. on this date in 1982 the princess of monaco was killed in a car crash. september 14th, 19 8, the number one song in america sweet child of mine by guns n roses. ♪ . .
7:50 am
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7:53 am
brian: congress is back at work trying to figure out a good solution to health care. senator john mccain and senator lindsey graham are in south carolina for a joint town hall. what you going to talk about, senator john mccain? >> by the way, is great to be here at a wonderful institution like the citadel. we'll talk about healthcare. we will talk about afghanistan. we will respond. this is for anybody who shows up and wants to ask us the question. they are welcome to. all we ask is they'd be respectful, and i'm sure they will be. brian: the president spoke again last night on "60 minutes." he said that republicans, many of them, have decided to dig in and say no.
7:54 am
senator lindsey graham, is that the message you are getting from your colleagues? >> no, i am here in that people would like to reform health care. we're not bickering. we are having a serious discussion. i have not seen much by partisanship. i thought the president's speech was quite frankly beneath his office, very competitivcombativ. brian: the president said yesterday that he was for toward reform, but yesterday said he was not for caps on malpractice cases. is that true? >> that is absolutely false. a couple of states enacted tort reform and it has
7:55 am
worked. i ask a doctor at a miami hospital how you pay your premiums for malpractice insurance. he said he did not. he said no one could afford them anymore. brian: senator lindsey graham, senator cornyn said yesterday that he agrees with 80% of the president says. is that pretty much the republican mind-set? >> i think so. death is a neutral is a rally try if we want health care reform bill -- deficit neutral is a rally frcry. trigger's never work. medicare and medicaid savings -- show me the savings and then
7:56 am
i will be more serious about whether or not that can work. we have a lot of things in common. deficit neutrality is one of them. >> if you are talking about numbers of issues, it is maybe 80%. when you look at specific issues and the important issues such as public option and lack of malpractice reform, we are far apart. i disagree with 80%. if you look at the very important issues, we are far apart because there's a fundamental difference in philosophy. brian: you wrote in our an editorial about afghanistan. you said it is time to change tactics. senator lindsey graham, what is happening and what are you afraid will have been? >> the security situation has
7:57 am
deteriorated. if they do not have more combat power, we will lose control parts of afghanistan. we need more troops to secure the country and then have a surge of civilian capacity. brian: senator john mccain, senator levin says the democratic president will not get the troops he needs, although general mcchrystal wants them. >> if that happens, we will lose in afghanistan and the consequences of failure will be incredible. we have seen this before. we left afghanistan and went after the taliban after we had defeated the russians and driven them out. in iraq, if we had not had a surge, we would have lost the re. we can and will succeed, but the
7:58 am
president has to make a decision soon. every day that we wait before sending those additional troops will be a day we are not winning this conflict. if the strategy is there, it is well known, and now let's act. we have seen that movie before. that is will be tried before. it will not work. it did not work then, it will will not work now. brian: thank you very much for joining us. good luck on your town hall. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: is the president using scare tactics to sell his health care plan? karl rove will be your. and they will some of the top jobs in the president's administration, but do not need confirmation from the senate.
7:59 am
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gretchen: good morning, everyone. let me tell you what is happening. brand new video of acorn. this time, the fake pimp and prostitute catch a brooklyn, new york office. they are threatening to sue with your money. steve: hundreds of thousands of americans who marched on washington really ignored by the mainstream media, but not by karl rove. he will be here with us in about two minutes. brian: new rights for detainees. a u.s. military officer to defend them in court. why? the slogan the summer comes -- this hour comes from james.
8:03 am
>> it is "fox & friends." gretchen: i heard senator john mccain call you a jerk in the commercial. brian: i think he does that out of affection. gretchen: it cannot embrace us just yet. this is a fox news alert. three british muslims who planned to blow up transatlantic planes will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. debra convicted last week applauded what would have been the biggest terrorist attack since the september 11. the pentagon is giving brand new rights to detainees in afghanistan as part of president obama's reversal of bush era
8:04 am
policies. there will soon be able to challenge the detentions and get a u.s. military official to represent their case. they will be able to call with this is an submit evidence in the defense. thanks to a self-imposed deadline, president obama has three days to transfer a group of gitmo prisoners or ask a military court for a delay. so far, only five have been transferred. three action superstars envoy to reunite on the screen. bruce willis, sylvester stallone, and arnold schwarzenegger. the california governor will make a short cameo appearance. the three last appeared in public together at the opening of one of their planet hollywood restaurants. the film will be released sometime next year. steve: this is another
8:05 am
blockbuster. another acorn branch under fire. hidden cameras have caught acorn workers encouraging that couple to lie. >> honesty is not clear to view the house. that is the advice from acorn to that couple. the conservative activist filmmakers try him again in this brooklyn office. -- striking again in the brooklyn office. james o'keefe and his associate -- here's the story that they did today acorn workers. she is a prostitute and a whthey want a housing loan. they're told here that they need pay stubs and bank account statements. do not say you're a prostitute,
8:06 am
says one acorn official. do not get caught. they say they must go to an acorn housing seminar. at one point, the official says acorn says they do not care what goes on in the house. >> you cannot say what you do for a living. >> ok. >> you have got to start thinking. >> she is very honest. >> acorn is firing back saying his effort is a politically motivated smear. they say he was turned away at acorn offices. the only videos show acorn seemingly going along. the cboceo issued a statement.
8:07 am
fox news did not produced this video. we are reporting on them. james o'keefe says he welcomes a fight of any legal action. he is demanding an apology from acorn. four acorn workers have so far been fired because of these tapes. the census bureau dropped acorn's participation in next year's census. there are reports out of baltimore that authorities may be looking into whether any state laws were violated in the recording of the tapes in the city. back to you. steve: thank you very much. james o'keefe, the film maker, will be with us in a half an
8:08 am
hour. karl rove is with us. i am sure you have seen a lot of this acorn stuff. the table, and dressed as a pimp and a hooker. they are dressed almost comically. he is dressed in a fur coat. it is so extraordinary that they react so casually. you cannot say you are a hooker. you are in entertainment. brian: here are the people. this is james o'keefe and hannah. put it in perspective. is this a little story or a big story? >> i think it is a big story. is a very graphic depiction of the corruption inside an organization that is a key
8:09 am
element of the democratic base. it has givebeen given to hundref billions of dollars of taxpayer money. gretchen: this was released today from the new york office. we have already seen washington, d.c. and baltimore. apparently there are more cities. >> it is remarkable. their answer will be we will sue you because nothing is wrong, but we also fired of those people. steve: the chief organizer blames a fox news as conservatives for fueling the controversy. i also heard somebody say over the weekend that this video is, not to distract the american people from the real debate, and that is health-care. >> acorn has been involved in illegality for years. in 2004, there was a cop who
8:10 am
held a news conference in front of his house to display the registration card that his 15- year-old son received. he was registered by acorn. local media went nuts by debating the widespread voter fraud. in october, the same couple and on a drug raid and bust a drug house. inside, he finds a bad guy with a lot of drugs and the voter registration cards and absentee ballots. he turns out to be a cuban national on the peril of acorn. gretchen: our own reporter just said that people are calling for hearings now. earlier this morning i asked if there will be a federal investigation. what are your thoughts? >> i believe there will be. even this began to get traction, on friday the u.s. census bureau ended its relationship with acorn.
8:11 am
i think that is because they carefully reviewed the evidence of all kinds of his behavior on the part of acorn. they determined it was not worth the risk. brian: president obama went on "60 minutes" on sunday and said most of the gop is not into getting a deal on health care. what is your sense of the tone? >> i thought it was bitter, negative and personal. last night he said it was his bill. he ought to be talking about a bill that the country can stand behind. "the new york times" pointed out that when he went to minnesota on saturday and used scare tactics, that he was misinterpreting and exaggerating his own report. steve: one thing that steve
8:12 am
crafted did ask him about -- at the end of the wednesday night speech, he talked about malpractice. the reporter said, what about tabs? here's what the president said. >> i would be willing to consider any ideas out there that would actually work in terms of reducing costs and improving quality of patient care. so far, the evidence i have seen is that caps will not do that, but there are a range of ideas that are out there offered by doctors' organizations like the ama that i think we can explore. gretchen: how would you know if that works? cuts the states have passed caps -- >> states have passed caps. insurance cost goes down. doctors flood in.
8:13 am
patients dead better care. it was disingenuous. he said he would be having to do anything that doctors are in favor of. the american medical association is in favor of it. let's put an end to these phony money things. mississippi, for example, when the bomb was $100 million in noneconomic damages -- none of them was $100 million in on economic damages. steve: we will be right back. somebody will join you. they descended on the nation's capital to have their voices heard. one speaker is just 14-year-old. gretchen: and it was her time.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
stop pretending. it can happen to you. protect your home with flood insurance. call the number on your screen... for your free brochure. >> don't go too staged town halls. come to this one. steve: that 14-year-old prodigy, jonathan crone. and former senior advisor to president bush, karl rove. you referred to jonathan as
8:18 am
mini me. jonathan, you did get a rock star wellcome. what did you say to people who converged on washington this past weekend? >> i said, this is our government. it does not need to be a political agenda government, a government of runs on the left political agenda. it used to work for the people. a needs to be by the people and for the people. >steve: what do you make of the mainstream media coverage? for the most part, many of the other channels, anyone who shows up at one of these things is a right-wing lunatics. >> "the new york times" says conservative rally in washington on saturday. go to page 37. it is not there.
8:19 am
go to page 33 and you find it. those of the story of though windmill's and everything else. steve: jonathan, you met a bunch of people on saturday. what are they angry about? >> the people really angry about a government that is using their tax dollars to spend on acorn and things like that that really do not need our tax dollars. somebody needs to privately fund them and get in trouble for that reason, and that is their business. people are upset about the government wanting to take away their private property of health care and give it to the government and allow the government to use it in the so- called public option. as we all know, it leads to rationing. steve: how old do you have to be
8:20 am
to run for congress? >> 25 for congress, 34 the senate, -- 30 for senate. steve: thank you very much for joining us. all the president's men. we are talking about those czars. should they hold a top posts without confirmation from the senate? one senator says it is making her job a lot tougher, kay bailey hutchinson. wait until you hear where your money is going. that is straight ahead on this monday. f us music]
8:21 am
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gretchen: president obama has appointed more than 30 senator lindsey graham.
8:24 am
-- president obama has appointed more than 30 czars. these czars need to be confirmed. senator kay bailey hutchinson is one of those and she joins me live from dallas this morning. you wrote a very interesting off the develop this exact topic, the czars. one of your most interesting points points to van jones and the fact that he had to resign. what does a mean about the other czars that we know nothing about? >> is unprecedented that a president would have 32 in the first eight months of office. other presidents have used czars when there is a particular crisis or an area that needs to be addressed. the cabinet secretary or the
8:25 am
under secretary does not really have the time to focus on that, such as katrina recovery. 32 means that congress does not have the ability to confirm or look into background. that is why the upheaval have been with van jones, because we did start learning about things that he had said and positions he had signed. people decampbecame alarmed thae would have no ability to advise consent 40 policymakers. gretchen: that is the whole point of a confirmation process. that is my secretaries need to go through the confirmation process. how many times have we found out that people have not paid their taxes or something like that? let me ask you how it plays out with the job that you are trying to do as senator. you are the senior republican
8:26 am
on the senate committee on commerce, science, and transformatiotransportation. 10 to 30 of these czars could have authority over your committee, but you do not know in what way. >> that is right. you do not know they're doing things that the secretaries are supposed to be doing. to is in charge of these? on the other hand, sometimes they're in the white house and we do not have access. i respect the executive privilege, if someone is the white house staff person. if they are making policy that is the military should be making, that is when it crosses the line -- if they are making policy that a secretary should be making, that is when it crosses the line. gretchen: i want to ask you this
8:27 am
last question. do you believe there would be any truth in the present appointee in this many czars because he did have some problems with getting some of his people confirmed? >> that could be one reason that he is putting people in places where they do not have access by congress. we just need to really pull back. the senior senator from west virginia wrote a letter to the president and said put these people of for confirmation. let us learn about them and find out what their role will be. gretchen: by the way, he is a long serving democrat. senator kay bailey hutchinson, you are calling for the exact same thing to happen. thank you. >> thank you. gretchen: a terrible story.
8:28 am
the grim discovery in the case of the missing yale student who disappeared just before her wedding. a body now found in a wall at the school. a live report on the latest in the investigation, next. and the tennis tantrum costing more than just a shame for sirena williams. it is hitting her in the wallet. how much should she pay for her temper? or should she be suspended? is that the greater penalty? ( conversation )
8:29 am
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steve: restart this half-hour with headlines. this is a fox news alert. authorities in connecticut think the human body found behind the wall of a libertarian yesterday is likely to be that of a missing yellow practice didn't. -- is likely to be that of the missing yale graduate student. >> they still have to positively identified the body, but they say they're pretty sure it does belong tips annie le. they have been looking for her since last tuesday. they said they found a large amount of physical evidence in the area as well. they will not go into details on that. this is an active homicide investigation. brian: how secure is the building the body was found? we know classes were canceled
8:33 am
the day she was found. what else do we know? >> you have to slide a magnetic id card to enter the building. they have a record of everyone who went into the building. everything is captured on surveillance cameras. police probably have a short list of people who were in the building, who could have been there the time that annie le was there. brsgretchen: is that is the case, some would argue it would have to be someone-a potentially new? >> either a fellow student, a professor, or someone who works in the building. there's always a chance that an unknown person was able to slip in.
8:34 am
i can tell you this. we told you over the weekend that they found a bloody clothing in the building. it did not match what annie le was last seen wearing. it is possible that they belong to to the killer. steve: rick leventhal, thank you. gretchen: osama bin laden issuing new warning. he called president obama " powerless" to stop the wars in afghanistan and iraq. he blames america's ongoing worst to the ties to israel. brian: senator john mccain and senator lindsey graham hosting a joint health care at town hall. they were on "fox & friends" earlier this morning.
8:35 am
>> we are not bickering. we are having a serious discussion. i know bipartisanship. i have not seen much of it. i thought the president's speech was quite frankly it beneath his office, very combative. i would like to refereform health care. i was the president would meet us in the middle. brian: there will also talk about troop levels in afghanistan. steve: former illinois gov. rod blagojevich is back. in his new book, he is telling his side of the scandal. earlier he was on our show and we asked him if he thought president obama or the first lady would testify in his upcoming trial. >> it is possible. neither did anything wrong. they can give context to some of the people involved in the story. gretchen: the former governor's trial is set for june of next year.
8:36 am
steve: here is sports. brian: the u.s. open is the talk of the sports world. there is word that serena williams will have to pay up for the meltdown. $10,000 is what you have to pay. $5,000 for racket abuse. tennis officials will have an investigation. we ask you if serena williams deserved the consequences. 40% said she deserved it. john mcenroe did say, you do not call a foot foul at that time in the match. gretchen: that is beside the point. it is the sportsmanship. a lot of the analysts say that this would have happened in the
8:37 am
first point of the match, she would have been thrown out then and there. brian: she is on the cover of hamptons magazine. there's a party on tuesday night open to the media. i'm wondering if she will show up. gretchen: she will play in doubles finals today. steve: will they let her? also, people are calling for her to apologize to the line j udge. meanwhile, they're sold as a quick shot in the arm for the economy, but once earmarks are approved, they stick around forever. and we foot the bill. gretchen: william la jeunesse is tracking your taxes. what do have? >> lawmakers will tell you that earmarks are no big deal because it is not much money and it is a onetime deal for my district.
8:38 am
and it is something that bureaucrats in washington otherwise ignore. this table will show you that is not true. let's take a wood research. you have spent $100 million in research for wood. there are otheare 12 agencies te usda to do nothing but wood. or the sheep institute. 100 people will have to work all year just before the montana sheep institute. how about wool? they want another $3.6 million. 14 earmarks since 1995. or take wild rice. the minnesota delegation wants another $300,000 this year. they have spent $1.1 million so
8:39 am
far in 6 earmarked for the last seven years. finally, the market access program wants $200 million per year. most of this stuff -- industry can pay. it is not necessarily the government's problem. steve: very good. a little show and tell. gretchen: he did not spend a lot of money on the signs. brian: i am sure william la jeunesse was not watching the vma's last night. there was a best female video awards given. it went to taylor swift. according to kanye west, it
8:40 am
should have went to beyonce. here's how it unfolded. >> i never actually thought this would happen. i sing country music. thank you very much for giving me a chance to win a vma award. [applause] >> taylor, i am really happy for you. i will let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. one of the best videos of all time. steve: this caught mtv by surprise. they did not know what to do. on the script is said they would go to an eminiem video. in the beginning, it looked a little bit like a skit. but here is who a number of people saw him on the red carpet drinking directly out of
8:41 am
the bottle. there he is during one of her greatest moments of her young life. she is a teenager. what does he do? timberlands it. according to open cold rolling stone" she burst into tears behind backstage. beyonce was very classy. >> i remember being 17-years old, up for my first mtv award with destiny's child. it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. i would like for taylor swift to come back and have her moment. gretchen: the question that i was wondering, will kanye west apologize to the young woman? apparently he put out an apology on his blog. he said --
8:42 am
gretchen: when people apologize in this day and age, why can they not just apologize? that is not an apology? just like serena williams' thing was not an apology. brian: no one wants to bring this up. speaker nancy pelosi seemed aghast. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> not true. [laughter] steve: now it all makes sense. let's see what is coming up. president obama promises to hold insurance companies to the fire in his new health-care plan. could the result in higher cost?
8:43 am
peter johnson, jr. continues with his daily prescription for truth. gretchen: they started into in acorn office as a pimp and prostitute and cost of a corrupt group in the act. we will talk to the man who shot to the exclusive video. my home theater. - ( cheering ) - ( laughs ) thank you. what should i get? uh, you. you should check out our new leds. the picture's better than life. okay, but i don't want to pay too much. don't worry about it. we'll match those other stores' prices. and we'll deliver and hook it up for free. okay. last question. if you guys are here, who's in the stores? the latest home theater technology and thousands of people eager to help. best buy. buyer be happy.
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brian: president obama address to the issue of the high cost of health care and health insurance premiums in his big speech before congress. >> we spend one enough times more per person on health care than any other country. this is one of the reasons that insurance premiums have gone up three times faster than wages. it is why so many employers, especially small businesses, are forcing their employees to pay more for insurance, or dropping
8:47 am
their coverage entirely. brian: under president obama's plan, some analysts said the cost will be even higher. peter johnson, jr. this year with the prescription for truth. >> the president is talking about increased premiums. in various analyses looking out the president's plan, they are talking about a $6 billion tax a year on insurers. the $6 billion passed down to employers. that is $6 billion passed down to policyholders. obviously there will be an increase in the size of premiums. one analyst at the university of michigan law school of business says we can anticipate an eight hundred dollars per year increase in premiums in the first year of obamacare. brian: he wants to bill all insurance companies.
8:48 am
and they will be more responsible depending on the profit margin and the size of the market. he wants to take the money from them and give that out to help fund his programs. if he does that, the insurance companies will work like the free market. >> the free market always response to increased taxes by increasing prices on the consumers. this analysis says that least eight hundred dollars will be increased. what about medicare advantage? the president has been with the worst critics of medicare advantage, which a lot of seniors like. he says it is an insurance company giveaway. a few grip medicare advantage from seniors and people who are disabled in america and say, you have to pay for a supplementary now. you have to find coverage other ways. you have to pay health dollars that you may not have to receive
8:49 am
care that you would have received under medicare advantage. are your premiums going to be the same? this is really important. the president has talked tough about insurance companies. our private insurance policies have a provision about how much we are reimbursed for health care. on average, it is about 80% to 20% out-of-pocket, 80% paid by the insurance company. the senate finance committee, max baucus, the house -- they are looking for proposals to decrease that from 80% to 65%, meaning that your out-of-pocket costs will increase from 20% to 1/3. to say that premiums are not going to increase does not jibe with the facts and the math. we're looking at least a 10% to
8:50 am
50% increase. brian: that is prescription for truth. thank you, peter johnson, jr.. a fake pimp and prostitute catch a brooklyn acorn office in the act. let's check in with bill. bill: if you oppose the president's health-care plan, does that make you a racist? does your cellphone cause brain cancer? more on the breaking news over the nation's leading universities. did you see serena williams at the u.s. open over the weekend? we will take a listen. coming up in 10 minutes. . these days, everyone's looking to save money. switch to nationwide auto insurance, and you can save up to $43 every month.
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gretchen: busted in brooklyn, more undercover video showing acorn videos -- acorn workers giving advice on how to open a loan to start a brothel. >> you can call it freelancing. >> she is very honest. steve: acorn has fired several employees in baltimore and washington, but is that enough? gretchen: the man that shot the undercover footage is with us, james o'keefe. brian: welcome to our show. now, you are not a pamphlet but you are playing one on our show? >> i am one of the widest guys ever. i wear a ridiculous stuff and
8:55 am
put people in ridiculous situations. steve: you posed as a pimp at these offices for acorn. someone that you met, one of your facebook friends, pretended that she was a prostitute. you went into these offices and ask for help and they were awfully helpful in that, skirting the law? >> beyond helpful. they came up with new scenarios that i never thought of to skirt the law. gretchen: now they are going to potentially file a lawsuit, against us, fox news, saying that the videos were doctored. how would you answer that allegation? >> that is a lie. the fact is that i do work for fox news and i have a budget of $300 million. steve: [laughter] you have no budget, and do not
8:56 am
work for fox news, this stuff is appearing on line. they say that they're going to sue fox, you cannot have it both ways. you cannot fire employees and then said that they the frame does as well. >> that is just a contradiction. that thing where they are trying to sue me for videotaping them without their permission, you try to draw a moral equivalence between sex trafficking of underage girls and video taping someone without their permission. brian: instead of them saying that what you are asking is the legal, they tried to help you to get a housing and a mortgage to continue your business? >> that is to these people are. gretchen: inspired you to make this particular video? more in two minutes. steve: we will be right back.
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